colours and life

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life is full of colors and different colors reflect different attitudes towards life. what is your favourite color? are you in favour of those warm colours, such as yellow, orange, or red? if you do, you are likely to be an optimist, a leader, and an active person who enjoys life, work and excitement. do you prefer those cold colors such as grey and blue? then you may tend to be a pessimistic, quiet, and shy person, you would rather follow than lead. is this true? maybe. at least, this is what psychologists have told us, and they should know, since they have been seriously studying the meaning of color preference, as well as the effect that colors have on human beings¡¯ lives. they tell us that we do choose our favourite colors as we grew up, and we were born with our love for special colors. if you happen to love a special color, you were made to do this the moment you opened your eyes, or at least the moment you could recognize different colors.

there is no doubt that colors do have an impact on our moods. a yellow room can make most people feel cheerful and relaxed while a dark green one makes you feel cold and afraid. and a red dress brings warmth and pleasure to the saddest winter day. of course, the color black will probably make you feel depressed. it is reported that a black bridge over the thames river used to be the scene of more suicides than any other bridge in the area until one day it was repainted green, the number of suicide attempts immediately fell sharply; perhaps it would have fallen even more if the bridge had been done in pink or baby blue.

light bright colors make people not only happier but more active in their work. it is an established fact that students work better, harder and will make fewer mistakes when their notebooks and study tools are of these colors rather than black or grey.

so now do you know what kind of person you are belonging to? just find your life color, and enjoy your life!