An informal invitation

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dear miss chang,we have planned a house party as a sort of farewell before our trip to soochow, and we are particularly anxious to have you join us . i hope there is nothing to prevent you from coming out to canton on february 25th and remaining here with us until the eighth of march. mr. simpson chen and mr. and mrs. l. t. ying will be here too, along with severa l others whom you do not know, but whom i am most anxious to have you meet.i am enclosing a time-table for your convenience, and i have checked the two tra ins that i believe are most convenient for you. if you take the 7:10 in the morn ing you will arrive here at 11, and you will be able to meet some of our guests at tiffin at 12. there is an earlier train in the morning if you prefer it. if y ou let me know which train you expect to take, i will see that there shall be a car at the station to meet you.very cordially yours,margaret li-huang.